2017-2018 Standing Rules of the Penn Square Chapter of ABWA

  1. All chapter members will abide by the ABWA Code of Conduct which is provided in the New Member Packet as well as on the website.
  2. All members are required to pay national membership dues directly to ABWA as invoiced by our National organization. Local Chapter dues of $30.00 per year are payable annually according to our calendar year of August 1-July 31. The Chapter Treasurer will invoice each member at the start of each calendar year. New members who join after August 1 will be billed a pro-rata amount of $2.50 per month. All checks for Chapter dues should be made payable to ABWA – Penn Square Chapter and submitted to the Chapter Treasurer. Any member who does not pay her dues for both National and Local within 30 days of the due date shall automatically become a “member-at-large” and unable to vote on Chapter motions.
  3. The regular meeting of the Penn Square Chapter of ABWA shall convene on the first Thursday of each month (11:45 networking/12:00 lunch and meeting) at the Hamilton Club, 106 E. Orange St., Lancaster PA 17602.
  4. Members and guests shall make their reservations to the Vice President on or before 12:00 pm of the Monday prior to the meeting. All members and guests who have registered by noon on Monday and do not cancel their reservation with the Vice President within 48 hours of the meeting will be responsible for the cost of the meal. Members will remit payment to the Treasurer for any missed meetings, including any applicable guest fees, for the cost of the meal.
  5. The Chapter meeting minutes and Treasurer’s report shall be distributed via email to the Chapter membership for their review prior to the Chapter meeting.
  6. Each member shall participate in a committee. Based on the new members’ strengths and top committee preference, each member is required to let the Executive Board know which committee they would like to be a part of by the second meeting following dues collection.
  7. Only bills submitted through the Chapter Treasurer will be paid, including professional development, reimbursement of approved Chapter expenses, program fees and any miscellaneous expenses approved on a case-by-case basis. All receipts should be given to the Chapter Treasurer.
  8. Based upon the level of the Chapter’s treasury funds available, the Chapter will pay the applicable registration fee for the Woman of the Year to attend the spring or national conference. Should the Chapter’s Woman of the Year not have the availability to attend either of these conferences on behalf of the Chapter, or decline this benefit, then the Chapter, based upon the level of the Chapter’s treasury funds available may in its discretion, pay a portion of the registration fee for a member in good standing for one event per year.
  9. The Executive Board will authorize all expenditures and payments of bills and can authorize payment of bills under $100.00 without the approval of the membership.
  10. A candidate for the President of the Penn Square Chapter must have served on the Executive Board of the Chapter for at least one term before seeking election to President; the term on the Executive Board is not required to be immediately prior to election.
  11. The Chapter may spend up to $100 on gifts for the outgoing President.
  12. The Membership Committee will provide each new member with a New Member Packet which consists of the ABWA Code of Conduct, a list of current Board Members and contact information, Standing Rules and the ABWA By-laws.
  13. All outgoing officers and committee chairpersons shall participate in a transition meeting with her successor.
  14. Changes or revisions to these Standing Rules require a majority vote by the membership at a Chapter meeting.