11:45 am — 1:00 pm
Hamilton Club
106 E Orange Street

Lancaster, PA 17602 United States
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Donna Spina of Coaching InDeed, Inc., will be speaking. Donna helps business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and contractors on a global scale to make order from their daily chaos.

She has worked with hundreds of realtors, staff, and vendors through their challenges in team building, best hiring practices, communication skills, business operations, and business growth.

Her presentation is entitled: Discover How to Connect with Conversation: A Simple but Powerful Guide to Personality Styles

DISC is a model for explaining behavior, motivation, and communication styles. The DISC Behavioral profile is an accurate personality analysis that can be used to predict the behavior of individuals in specific situations. It can also show where certain individuals are most comfortable, allowing them to identify both the type of work they will thrive in, as well as the best working environment.

On a personal level, it can help open up the lines of communication between people by helping them understand their own communication strengths and weaknesses.

Each of the behavioral styles has strengths and weaknesses. Using DISC will allow someone to harness their strengths and identify and possibly mitigate their weaknesses. When understanding your own characteristics, you will start to understand how other people see you when they associate with you and how you can adjust your behavior for better results.

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